Dining tops

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Billiard dining top holder
Billiard dining top holder

Dining tops

Project Info

Dining tops are necessary for billiard tables in order to extend your room possibilities, by creating dining or other function table. Exclusive dining tables are manufactured of wooden plate, covered with natural whipped veneer. They are finished with exactly the same colour as your billiard table. Possible choices with stainless steel decors. Prices are given without decors. Glass dining tops are manufactured of shatterproof glass, which is very resistant to mechanical impact, cause impression of table lightness and fits to different interiors. Possible thicknesses 6 and 8mm; possible finishing: clear, matt/frosty and matt/frosty with decors. Possible to choose tennis tops as well.

Project Details

  • Stalviršiai

TtitleSizeNumber of partsThickness, cmLength, cmWidth, cm
Dining top Exclusively5'21,9194111,5
Dining top Exclusively6'21,9209119
Dining top Exclusively7'21,9228128,5
Dining top Exclusively8'21,9253141
Dining top Exclusively9'41,9285158
Dining top Exclusively10'41,9315173
Dining top Exclusively11'41,9351191
Dining top Exclusively12'41,9381206
Glass dining top5'20,6194111,5
Glass dining top6'20,6209119
Glass dining top7'20,6228128,5
Glass dining top8'20,8253141
Glass dining top9'40,8285158
Dining top for table tennis, blue5'-6'21,9240122
Dining top for table tennis, blue7'-8'21,9273152,5
Dining top for table tennis, blue9'21,9285,2158
Poker dinning top 6'22,5209119
Poker dinning top 7'22,5228128,5
Poker dinning top 8'22,5253141
Dining top Klasik6'21,9239141
Dining top Klasik7'41,9258158
Dining top Klasik8'41,9283171
Dining top Ultra7'21228128,5