Chairs and benches

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Chairs and benches

Project Info

It's possible to choose benches and chairs, which are specially created dor dining tables. Benches can be with inside boxes, which can be used for storing billiard balls, cues, triangle and other accessories. Wooden parts of benches and chairs are finished with exactly the same colour as your billiard table. Colour for leather you can choose from our assortment.For chair "Ultra" steel parts possible in RAL colors.

Project Details

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TitleSizeHeight, cmLength, cmWidth, cm
Bench 1,9m1.945.5 or 5019040
Bench 1,5m1.545.5 or 5015040
Bench 1m145.5 or 5011040
Bench 1,9m with box1,945.5 or 5019040
Bench 1,5m with box1,545.5 or 5015040
Bench 1m with box145.5 or 5011040
Bench 0,4m0,445.5 or 504040
Chair "Itaka"469944
Chair "Ultra"469843
Bench veneered 1,9m1.945.519040
Bench veneered 1,5m1.545.515040
Bench veneered 1m145.511040
Bench veneered 0,4m0.445.54040