Billiard Tables

"Компания "Зевс"  эксклюзивный дистрибьютор "Bilijardai" на территории России

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Billiard table ROSSI

Billiard table ROSSI -traditional creation of architecture with exceptional stability and reliability.

Billiard table Dijonas Still

Billiard table Dijonas Still – group of tables with it’s own specific stylistic. 

Billiard table Provijus Deko Royal

Provijus Deko Royal - harmony of luxury finishing, classic construction and professionalism.  

Billiard table Provijus Klasik

Provijus Klasik - billiard table for home billiard room. 

Billiard table Dino Sport Pro

Dino Sport PRO is billiard table of new generation. Dino Sport PRO - originally designed billiard table with horizontal regulation mechanism hidden inside.

Billiard table Tornado

Tornado - American Pool table for billiard clubs. 

Billiard dining table Dino Transform

Dino Home  -  economical billiard table intended for home use, if you have it together with dining top, you will have not only billiard table, but also dining/writing table.

Billiard table Konsulas

Billiard table Konsulas -incredible combination of power and gentleness!    All our billiard tables will give you a great pleasure, but this one is really special: tables is very streamlined, uncompromising stability and the best materials. 

Billiard table “Rustic”

Billiard table “Rustic” – manufactured of natural wood with effect of “aged outside”. 

Billiard table Provijus Sport

Provijus Sport - billiard table for professional billiard club.          

Billiard table Provijus Klasik Plius

Provijus Klasik Plius - optimal billiard table for home billiard room.

Billiard table Provijus Eko

Provijus Eko - economic billiard table for home billiard room.

Billiard table Dino Sport

Dino Sport is professional pool table. 

Billiard table DIJONAS

Billiard table DIJONAS - is your exceptional chance to become architect of your own billiard table. Unlimited quantity of solutions: choose desirable cushion edgings and design of pockets, shape of additional thickness for frame and decor, then adjust desirable design of legs and choose colours for wood and cloth.

Billiard table Rustic Ranch

Billiard table “Rustic” – manufactured of natural wood with effect of “glaring aged outside”.