Billiard table Provijus Deko Royal

"Компания "Зевс"  эксклюзивный дистрибьютор "Bilijardai" на территории России

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Billiard table Provijus Deko Royal

Project Info

PRO series - NO COMPROMISE! Resistant and reliable materials, professional and durable construction.

Provijus Deko Royal - harmony of luxury finishing, classic construction and professionalism.  

With help of special stand selected rubber for cushions and special fixing through the whole slate vouches good and identical angle of ball bounce.
Our tables are complement only with “PROFESSIONAL BILLIARD SLATE” natural slate slabs, which are designed in Europe, valuing all the game’s and durability nuances, also are tested in our company 100% and each marked with individual number.
The construction of the frame is made that stone’s screws never pass to ball’s rolling zone, so as a result the time of assembling is shorter and the quality of top game is better.
The laminated wood’s construction of the frame is technically computed (approved with 10 years exploitation tries) and top of the cushions, made of the oak, guarantee special durability.
Table’s playing features recognized with ICP certificate and the responses of the top players.  Cushions for Provijus Deko Royal are manufactured of oak, legs of ash, frame of special construction hardwood (ash and oak is possible).Cloth Simonis 760.

Project Details

  • Biliardo stalai

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